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    Question Use of multiple computer

    I thinking of buying one of the Trainz Simulators, but before I do, I would like to know if I will be able to install and use the program on both my laptop and my desktop computers. Does the purchase of Trainz limit it to installation on only one computer?

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    Unless this has changed recently (and I have seen no conflicting information about this) N3V have always had a reasonable attitude to users installing the same version of Trainz on more than one computer. They do ask that you only use one copy at a time.

    In the past I have had T:ANE installed on my desktop at home and on my laptop for when I was travelling. Since the pandemic I have not had the need to travel but I still have two copies of Trainz Plus installed, the current retail release version on my desktop and the latest beta version on my laptop. I do not use both at the same time.

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    Be sure to check system requirements. Depending on the laptop specs you will have varying degrees of satisfaction and possibly will need run the game at all low settings. You might post your specs in the Parts and Labour forum and seek comments.
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    From my experience you can have the same program (Tane or 2019) on several computers.
    If you download content from the DLS it will only work in one at the same time, if you use the other you will receive an error and no download.
    It is best to only use one program at a time, once closed it can be used on another computer.
    I use a computer as a database with a lot of content and another computer with little content to play the simulator, for better performance.

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