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    Cool Split-up amount of cars in

    Hey out there.
    Is there a way to split up the amount of cars on a road?
    If I for example have 10 cars coming on same road to a road junction, and I want 5 cars turning right and 5 turning left.
    Is there a way to do that?

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    It's possible, but you would need to lay invisible track over the top of a road with no traffic, and use vehicles from the trains / consist list, then you would need to assign each car (driver/loco) in edit session and have each one go to specific locations, and then maybe repeat commands, like a loco would, so not very easy
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    I haven't thought that possibility. It takes more time to do it and mabe I will think, that its too much work to do.
    But thanks for the idea anyway.

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    There is a Sen City switcher <kuid2:76656:500000:1> Sen City Road Switcher which could do the trick.

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    Well Old Blue learns something every day,,,,,

    Downloaded and have to try this out, what a Novel idea for controlling Vehicle Traffic.

    Thank you for information....

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    There are lots of ways to control road traffic, even without making road traffic into consists. I personally have filter lanes at junctions, varying speed limits, cars changing lanes on the motorway, the ability for vehicles to turn any direction at a junction. Takes a bit of planning to set up but once working it's beautiful

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