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Thread: Project South Yorkshire (1920x1080)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutton View Post
    thank you for the comments. the interest showed by people really inspires me to keep going.

    @peterwhite - I spent a lot of my youth also on Doncaster Station, usually platform 3, as it is now but before the extension, usually sat on top of a relay cabinet at the South end waiting to get kicked off by staff. For me the A4's et all were a bit before my time (not by too much). For me it was the Deltics thundering through the station or pulling up to idle in platform 1 an incredible sound that remains in my memory to this day.

    Now you are making me feel old!

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    Nothing much been done of late except a lot of research, particularly around Chesterfield area. It's not often you find a station that you've never heard of before for a major town (Chesterfield Marketplace). But any way another day another pit completed track work, this Time Firbeck colliery:

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    I'm not too familiar with the LNER Territory which you are modeling Mutton but this is fantastic!! The sheer scale of Staveley MPD is a crown achievement in and of itself!

    Between your South Yorkshire Project, pflindley's incredible GCR Route, and Borderreiver's County Durham Route, there's a very real possibility of having a complete Eastern Region Route in Trainz one day in the future! Many thanks for sharing your achievement with us!!

    I can't wait to see it progress!! Best of luck from down south in Brighton!

    Member of TCWW - Developer of the Brighton Project

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    Default Another Day - Another Pit or 3

    Here we have the Trackwork completed for Markham No1. Left (Top), Markam No.2 Left (bottom) and Bolsover Colliery Right.

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