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Thread: Can we get a fix for 19 eating track?

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    Angry Can we get a fix for 19 eating track?

    I, and several other Trainzers I'm friends with, have repeatedly experienced Trainz 19 seemingly "eating" track (i.e., deleting it from the route and proceeding as though it was never there to begin with). This has happened:
    -when importing a route from TANE
    -when merging two 19 routes together
    -when merging two layers together in a 19 route
    -randomly, without known cause

    As you might imagine, this is very frustrating for those of us who put a lot of time and effort into our track layouts. The same thing often happens with other splines at the same time, making it even more frustating. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have never seen that occur and I moved all my existing routes from TANE that I modified, merged, and edited to TRS2019. I also merged in many, many routes in TRS19 and didn't see that either.

    With that said, I have a hunch what has occurred.

    The routes were created normally with editing done initially in the route editor. Instead of continuing the edits in the route, the route was edited in the session instead. This has its merits with its ability to create multiple versions of a base route with branches and lines added and removed, or other scenery added or replaced.

    Now the problem you are seeing now is the routes were shared, but the sessions were not. This means the parts that were done in the sessions were never included in the routes to begin with.

    The way around this is to edit the session and merge all the tracks, and parts placed on the session-layer into the route-layer located in the top of the layer panel. This can be done by highlighting and dragging the layers and parts into the route layer. If there is only a single session layer, this can be merged into the route-layer and should also solve the problem.

    In the end, you are a victim of a poor interface that shows no indication of what mode you are in when editing. This issue has been reported multiple times and is an ongoing issue for many route builders both new and seasoned alike. We can't count the number of times we've all run into this situation where we've edited for hours only to save and then reopen the route only to find nothing there, or edit for hours only to find that we were in fact on the wrong layer, or in the Session editor instead of the Route editor.

    The problem is twofold. First N3V chose the same nomenclature for layers as they did for the editors. This is confusing in its self and second, there is no indication as mentioned as to where we've been editing and only find out when it's too late.
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    If you can find a reproduceable series of steps to cause this to happen, we'll fix it. As John has said, it is possibly that you've been adding track to the session layer and therefore it isn't in the route when you go back to editing the route.
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