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Thread: 113642 - My Route Ran Perfectly

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    AI Operated
    Train leaves Basic Portal. Arrives in the yard (large). drops 3 cars and returns to the portal to exit.
    A triggered engine collects the delivered consist for multiple deliveries.
    A third triggered train begins to distribute its cars to various warehouses as well.

    No errors. Worked the same as 111951. Progress!!
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    Hi all,

    I agree. Portals behave normal to reversed rolling stock. Random derailments and couple breaks seem to have gone.

    My solutions...I lowered the portal exit throttle speed from 0.5 to 0.2
    I lowered the mass value of derailing Rolling stock to a tenth of the original value.

    I run over 100 AI-trains causing some jerkyness, but I can live with that. (I7 16 GB and nvidea 1070 8 Gb)

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    Yes, I've had good luck with my testing as well so far. There have been some odd assertion errors I need to repro, but other than that, things went pretty well during my glance and quick test yesterday.
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