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Thread: The model has black stripes that should not appear

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    Default The model has black stripes that should not appear

    The yellow fence is the work of others, and the other fence is my work. There will be some black stripes in my works. Every time I try to observe the black stripes of the fence up close, they disappear again. What are the causes of these black stripes and how can they be removed? Can someone help me?

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    It looks like something called "texture bleeding".

    Trainz automatically creates a set of low-resolution textures from the textures you supply in the model. It uses the low-resolution textures automatically at long viewing distances. If you mapped your texture (example, pale brown) too close to a border with a strongly contrasting colour (example, black), then the low-resolution texture could mix some of the black into the light brown at the border and produce the dark stripes.

    The solution is to move your mapping co-ordinates away from the border by a few pixels, so the colours cannot mix. Or you can make the area of the light brown colour bigger.

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    Well done! I appreciate your help. Now I have solved the problem. Thank you!
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    Trainz 会从模型中供应的纹理中自动创建一组低分辨率纹
    理。它在长视距上自动使用低分辨率纹理。如果您绘制的纹理(例如,浅棕色)过于接近具有强烈对比颜色(例如 黑色)的边框,则低分辨率纹理可能会将部分黑色混合到边框的浅棕色中,并产生深色条纹。


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