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Thread: Ten years back - loco is black

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    Default Ten years back - loco is black

    I "exported" locomotive 'F59-PHI - AMT' from trs2019 to .CDP file.
    Then I tried importing that .CDP into an old copy of trs2009.
    When I added the loco to a 2009 route it appears all BLACK. It drives, it blows horns, etc but it is BLACK.
    What I am missing in order to show it in all its glory?

    this happens to other locos and coaches as well

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    TRS19 into TRS2009 does not work at all.

    It's a bit like trying to put a DVD onto a vinyl record player.
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    Yer, expecting the latest to fit into a game 12 years old is asking a bit much. If it was an old asset with a build 1.3, it would be fine. No idea which version of that loco you have, all I see is build 2.9 one. Still taking it from TRS19 doesn't make sense, why not import it fresh from the DLS directly into 2009, although why go backwards doesn't compute for me lol.

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    Is it that annoying thing where you need to untick the texture compression tick box in CM?
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