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Thread: TRS19 DLS Errors

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    Default TRS19 DLS Errors

    G'day gentlemen,

    I have imported an old route and it's CDP dependencies (surprisingly) without any errors or warnings.
    However, when I feed it through the DLS to get the remaining dependencies, I get a whole list of such.

    Below are samples of the 3 types of warnings for which I have not been able to google a solution using the highlighted terms:

    ; <kuid:-25:485> : TADInstallAssetPackage> <kuid:-25:485> "f7_bogey"
    ! <kuid:-25:485> : TrainzAssetAccessorFolder::OpenAssetFileForReading > failed payload open on file 'E:/TRS19/cache/temp/copytempsrcdktvdfmt5288/f7_bogey_shadow/black.tga' for ''
    ; <NULL> : ParseAssetDownload
    ; <kuid2:124060:60117:2> : TADInstallAssetPackage> <kuid2:124060:60117:2> "Track Mesh Library (Snow)"
    ; <NULL> : sleepers14ft24lod1n.fbx
    ! <kuid2:124060:60117:2> : Warn, T8080: FBX-DOM (TOK_KEY, offset 0x4a39) shading mode not recognized: Phong

    ! <kuid2:124060:32001:4> : Warn, T14036: Mesh 2: Not suitable for vcache optimization
    ! <kuid2:124060:32001:4> : Warn, T14036: Mesh 4: Not suitable for vcache optimization
    ; <NULL> : bridge_spline_1.fbx

    Does anyone know how to fix these assets please?

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    Normally you can use these assets in spite of the warnings. The one about to Phong shader is a known issue, it's there for each object created in Blender. Ignore it. As per the vcache issue, I receive it sometimes, too. According to https://forums.auran.com/trainz/show...th-Trainz-2019, it means the asset is a little bit complex in terms of poly counts. I could not yet find any guideline or explanation telling what's the max poly count to not get this warning, but anyway, the objects will work, so you can ignore them, especially if you are not the author of the object.

    Let me add, I also receive this vcache warning for assets consisting only of 20 triangles, so it's basically something different than the pure tri/poly count that causes this warning to appear.
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