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Thread: Is the a way to instant load RANDOM containers?

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    Default Is the a way to instant load RANDOM containers?

    I've been running some trainz recently on one of my finished routes and this one problem has been haunting me; I can't instant load random containers. I have to load every well car individually to get different containers. Is there a way to choose some container combonations and them apply them (instant load) to the rest of the train?


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    It would be great if an industry could be programmed to do this. It would need some kind of configured list to pick from, and those would have to be commodities for the cars being loaded, so there is a layer of needed prerequisites and limitations involved. But I like your idea of being able to pick combinations that are compatible with the cars being loaded.
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    In the "Driver Command" rule in the session select "Instant Load Command" and you will be able to use it while driving. It provides for a "Random" instant load. It works well on the cars I am using. To see what was configured for the cars I made a trains using different well cars and hit "instant load" (random) a few times on each to see results. I also compared using "Instant Load Command" to "InstantLoad." I use "Instant Load Command" for AI trains coming out of portals. Each train is different as to the loads.
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