I have a nice short-line modeled but needed some info on the inter-change with class-1 railroads.

Is it normal for a class-1 to drop part of its consist at a class-2 and then continue to the next class-2?

Or, is it more likely that the entire consist is destined only for one class-2?

Are the arriving cars/wagons pre-sorted by the class-1 according the class-2 final destinations?

Or does the class-2 now need to sort the arriving consist into one or two local trains delivering to local customers.

The class-2 needs to retrieve empties , or local product, and create a consist for the class-1 to pickup. Is this "pickup-consist" for the the class-1 sorted?

There may be a consist with local product that goes to the class-1. Is it ok to assume that any empties can be included in this "returning consist" ?

I wonder how many cars are "lost" with multiple companies handling transportation. That car that was setting for a few years on a siding never made it to a manifest.