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Thread: Will My Route Transfer Over To TRS19 If It's Marked As Faulty/ Missing Dependencies?

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    Question Will My Route Transfer Over To TRS19 If It's Marked As Faulty/ Missing Dependencies?

    My route still edits ok in Surveyor and I can still drive trains on my route I'm building. But.. It shows that it's missing dependencies - - even though I have all of those dependencies. So I don't know what's going on. The route is marked as faulty with because of a "non existent" black space preview pic, even though I clicked a preview pic in the Edit Route area, checked it off and saved the game. Yet I can still edit the route and drive the trains on that route.

    Despite these set backs, can I export the route to a cdp and transfer it over to TRS19 when I eventually get the game? Then I can fix any errors there?
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    yup, you can save as cdp, and work on it in a higher version even if not complete
    as cheap dutch trainzer (with just the euroversion) i never get big routes complete,
    it don't bother me and they work fine.
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    You can replace the blank preview image by creating a 240 x 180 jpg image of the same name as the missing one then placing that in the route's folder using Content Manager Open in Explorer option.

    For other missing dependencies, there are two options.

    1) Hunt for all non-built-in or payware missing assets you have in your previous Trainz version then export to a CDP.

    2) Using Content Manager in TRS19, go out to the DLS and download whatever it can. Once everything it can download is installed, review the final remaining missing dependencies and install those from your previous version. (recommended)

    By using option 2, you will also get the latest versions of any assets needed for your route. The only assets you can't transfer are the newer DLC from TS12 due to the copy protection on the packages. Since you own TRS19, these routes should be available to you for download within TRS19 except for a few including the Mojave Sub.

    I have used this method many times and it's by far the fastest for installing routes. The only time I've run into issues is when the route used the older Speed Trees which I had to replace prior to exporting the route out for install in TANE and up.
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