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Thread: Night lighting

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    Posts have possibly been cleaned of a few "angst postings" by a member who has since been banned for some very nasty abuse of an N3V staff member, which I witnessed on the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAGG View Post
    It is not a bug. Alpha blending was exchanged by "alpha to coverage" intentionally. They just broke what was working in the name of avoiding bad performance. They didn't offer spare satisfactory solution at the same time. They just cut it off. As they did with the highest resolution for example. They just cancelled it. In the name of avoiding bad performance. Users complained about bad engine core performance so they created special solution. A revenge for those screaming about performance. Instead of applying clear rules for content creators and strict restrictions for placing content into the game. Instead of providing clear and full instructions and manuals how to create the content to be valid and not hitting performance. Were they just lazy or not so self-confident or what made them to do so? I can't believe it was only cost related. It would be just extremely short-sighted then.... Currently Trainz iz not suitable for playing at night at all. Unless someone would like to suffer the poor visual experience.
    Sorry, alpha blending under the old graphic engine was NEVER intended to be used for anything but translucent glass such as windows. This was clearly stated in the TRS2004 Content Creator Guide that using a gray scale alpha map would impact performance but creators used them for all sorts of things. Trees, bushes and light cones that had gray scale alpha maps caused the game engine to do many more calculations to determine how to render the screen from the player's POV. For example, a properly made tree with black and white alpha map requires one calculation. Does the player see tree or what is beyond the tree. A tree with an alpha map of 8 shades of gray requires 8 calculations to determine if player sees tree or mostly tree with a little background, less tree and more background, mostly background and less tree and so on and so on. This is why beginning in TS09 the player was given the choice to use native mode or compatibility mode which allowed the use of gray scale alpha maps. The performance boost in native mode was substantial by just eliminating the alpha blending abuse. TS12 eliminated compatibility mode entirely. Tane introduced the E2 graphic engine and TRS19 sees even more rendering options introduced while attempting to continue to support the use of legacy assets. A pretty nifty job of programming if you ask me.

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    Just to confirm, are you setting the 'intensity' in the colour picker? It's the option above the colour box.

    The expected results should be something like this:

    Note the intensity of the bloom will be controlled by the intensity slider mentioned before.

    In regards to alpha blending, despite how 'well' some think it worked, alpha blending is not at all well supported in any games. There are some tricks that can make it work in some situations, but they are generally pretty poor work arounds with their own drawbacks (most being performance drawbacks, but also visual drawbacks as well).

    We do understand that this can make it challenging to create night scenes. But it's also simply something that we cannot continue to support long term, as the downsides of alpha blending far outweigh the positives and really have done for the last 15 years...

    Zec Murphy

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    N3V Games (Auran)

    *Please do not use Private Messages for support. Support can only be provided via the helpdesk, or via the forums.

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    I forgot the intensity of colour picker uch!:
    Now, it works properly!!! This is the result!

    In the other hand, I have observed that the bloom effect disappears when you are a 200 meters more or less from the object. Is it possible to increase this distance?
    I think that this, it can be a good chance for improve the night mode.
    Thank you for your help Zec!

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    Hello JAGG, I hope that is not the case that they just turned of the night Lighting Quality. I would kinda of doubt that, as most People now have High end PC and laptops to run this Game.

    This 2019 is so intense with it's Code, that it is hard for the Dev's to just dig into it, and Patch the bugged stuff. If that is true and they did turn the Night Lights Alpha Blending off, then that would be not a good move to degrade the Visual quality on purpose. I would think that if they wanted to give up quality for Performance they would just add the Option in the Performance Tab for us Players to turn it off if we had the low end Computers. They do have the Draw Distance Slider for that Purpose, lower it if you got lag, or Max it for the Super Computer.

    I myself have confidence in the Developers, that they will eventually get this TRS2019 up to quality that we all want.

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