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Thread: Renaming Assets on TRS19

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    Default Renaming Assets on TRS19

    Is there a way to rename any locomotive? I don't know how to rename any of these on Asset Details

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    You should be able to do it by changing the name in the config file. Open the loco for edit, then open the config with a text editor like notepad and change the name.
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    If the asset is not built-in or DLC, you can rename the asset in Content Manager.

    1) At the Launcher, click on Manage Content.

    2) Look for your locomotive in the listing - you can search for the name by clicking in the search window on the right.

    3) Right-click on the asset you want to rename.

    4) Chose Edit Config.txt

    This will open in Notepad or some other text editor you use.

    5) Find Username.

    6) Within the double-quotes (","), type in your new name.

    7) Save and close the config.txt file.

    8) Submit the asset in Content Manager.

    Now the best practice is to clone the asset so you have your own locomotive.

    Starting with Step 2 above.

    1) Highlight the asset.

    2) Press CTRL+D keys at the same time to duplicate (clone) the asset.

    3) Where it says Installed, scroll that list to show open for edit.

    4) You will have to blank out your search information.

    5) Look for the most recent open for edit asset you have in case there are others.

    You can tell by the KUID number, or if you want, add in Date Modified column if it's not there by right-clicking on the columns. You may have to rearrange and resize the columns to suit.

    6) The rest of the steps apply as above with the edit, save, close, and submit steps.

    Hope this helps.
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    Not sure if you are referring to renaming the use of a particular asset in Surveyor in a particular route/session or renaming it "permanently" using Content Manager.

    To rename an instance of an asset in Surveyor, just open the appropriate editing tool (Trains F7 for a locomotive, Objects F3 for a station sign, etc), click the properties button (the ? symbol) and then click the object to be renamed. Enter the new name in the Name box.

    To rename it permanently so that it will always appear in Surveyor and CM with a different name (but one that can still be changed as described above) then follow the advice given in the posts above. I do not know if this is still the case as I have not tried it recently but back in the days of TS12 and earlier if you renamed any DLS or built-in asset using CM then performed a Database Repair its original name will be restored.
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