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    Does anyone know good models of six-wheeled celestory coaches? If you do can you link where they came from please (like the website)? I would really appreciate it

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    All are on the Download Station

    GWR 6 wheeled family saloon
    <KUID2:116296:20046:3> GWR 6 wheel clerestory composite<KUID:169585:10271> SF GWR SG 6w Saloon
    <KUID:768291:100050> NER 6 wheel Clerestory Open 3rd Class Saloon Coach V2
    <KUID2:768291:100051:1> NER 6 wheel Clerestory Open 1st Class Saloon Coach V2
    <KUID:479038:11070> Midland BT 6 wheel BrakeThird (D503)
    <KUID:479038:11065> Midland T 6 wheel Third Class (D491)
    <KUID:479038:11080> Midland BG 6 wheel Passenger Brake (D530)
    <KUID:479038:11075> Midland C 6 wheel Composite (D515)<KUID2:768291:100052:1> GWR Six Wheel Clerestory 1st Saloon
    <KUID2:768291:100045:1> GWR Six Wheel Clerestory 1st - V2
    <KUID:768291:12462> GWR 6 Wheel Clerestory Tri-Composite - V3
    By Robbie Furr.

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