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    There are two "Full Installers" for Build 111951 (SP3), both of the same size (9.5GB): the "Trainz Plus Edition" and the "Standard Edition". It has been said many times in this forum that the installer is the same for all versions, content depending on the rights owned on the account. So why two installers now? What is the difference?

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    Since no one else has replied, I will have "a stab" at an answer.

    You are correct in that the installer is initially the same for all versions but this may only apply for the initial SP release.

    Trainz Plus has regular quarterly updates so about 3 months from now the first update patch will be released. It will have a new (and different) build number and will, therefore, need a new full installer for those who will be getting Trainz Plus as a new program and not as an update from an earlier release. So it makes sense to start Trainz Plus with its own full version installer right from the start.

    My theory - but this has happened before in earlier releases of Trainz Plus.
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    Notice that the build number for both is the same (111951). I suspect both downloads get you the exact same thing and the Plus is activated by your account status. WHY they offer the exact same thing under "Standard Edition" and "Plus Edition" is beyond me but pware's observation above makes sense. Kind of. While it does make sense I think new buyers would get the 111951 release and then be expected to get beta updates based on the update stream setting. I've seen that myself in the past. So I do think a 111951 release would turn to Plus based on the account (not the download) and subsequent updates would come from update stream. But really, who can know what N3V is doing? Something "new" was mentioned (Surveyor 2 - see Tony's official SP3 release post) as coming for those who are on "Plus" so maybe it has someting to do with that.
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