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Thread: How to edit trains in MP sessions

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    Question How to edit trains in MP sessions

    I've played lots of MP games in my time owning TRS2019, but one things for sure is that I can't edit trains with the edit trains button that everyone seems to have and everyone seems to be able to use. Can someone please help?

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    With Platinum and Plus, you click on Surveyor. Driver will pause while you setup your consists and make changes. Once you change what you want, click on Driver, unpause, and continue where you left off.
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    I am in a Multiplayer session, not a singleplayer one. I'm trying to use the "edit trains" tool in the tools menu for driver mode in multiplayer. It gives me an error that says "Sorry, this session does not permit train placement." I do not see a tickbox to allow it nor a rule either. Everyone else can do it, why not me?

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    It is not possible to edit anything in a multiplayer session and still be able to use it as a multiplayer session.

    If you edit anything, make sure you only add stuff that is available on the DLS or built-in in game. Once you are done, you will have to upload and re-download the session in order to play it in multiplayer.

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