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Thread: Trigger and maximum speed

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    Default Trigger and maximum speed

    Hi, all!

    How can I use a trigger to set a train's maximum speed ?

    Thanks for your help.

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    <kuid2:645812:100106:6> Update max speed and priority

    Download, put on track and setup for your requirements.

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    Will change speed on junction direction or priority.

    <kuid2:137715:23001:5> Invisible Speed-Sign
    <kuid2:137715:23002:3> Invisible Speed-Signal v2 (TRS2004 SP2)

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    The problem with using a trigger to immediately alter the speed of a train (or its maximum allowed speed) is doing it without destroying the current list of driver commands that the train may be executing. Triggers are used to activate session rules which can then be used to replace an existing list of driver commands with a new list (thus destroying the current command list) or add new commands to the end of the current command list (thus the speed change will not come into effect until after the current commands have finished).

    Better to add the Set Max Speed To driver command (there are two versions, one in mph and the other in km/h) to the drivers command list or as pointed out above use track speed signs, visible or invisible.
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    Thanks to you all.

    @oknotsen: Update max speed and priority looks very interesting, but it seems that it doesn't work with TRS2019 Platinum.

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