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Thread: New TNI SDK Available

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    Default New TNI SDK Available

    The TNI SDK is now available to interested developers with build 111341 or higher. (Currently that means you need to update your TRS19 build using the Beta patch stream).

    The SDK can be downloaded from this link. Note that you need to be a registered TNI Developer to use the SDK.

    TNI Developer Registration:
    The SDK is for programmers and writing a plugin requires C or C++ knowledge, so this is a prerequisite for TNI Developer access.

    To register your interest in becoming a TNI Developer, complete this simple registration form.

    TNI Physics
    This SDK includes the existing Trainz physics as a TNI plugin. In theory, everything works the way it did previously and provides a great template to see how things are set up.

    We are very interested in seeing what people can do using the SDK to create their own plugins.

    Not a Programmer?

    If you're interested in train physics and you're not a programmer, then I suggest you take a look at the links below and post your interest in these forums with the aim of finding a programmer to work with to share your knowledge.

    Other reading:
    Trainz Wiki - TNI
    Trainz Wiki - TNI Physics

    Special thanks to Microlem for updating the TNI Physics wiki and helping us check everything was ready for broader release.

    Got Questions?
    Please post your questions here.
    You can also take part in TNI discussions on our Discord Channel
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    I just want to share with the all talented C++ programmers here in this forum, some ideas and mathematical formulas used in other railway simulators, about simulation physics.

    A suggestion to read the link below, maybe some kind of inspiration will be obtained, to reproduce and/or improve the level of realism in trainz:


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    There are many buses in the game, this sdk will be able to make their control realistic?

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