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Thread: Is there a shortcut to fixing this error when converting .fbx from Blender2.8?

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    Now that I have overcome some hurdles, I keep on experimenting. I am not happy with the results. I use the method indicated on the m.pbrmetal page of the Trainz Wiki, but I keep on getting materials that are too metallic. Even though I use a completely black alpha channel in the parameters file and I make all the connections the way they are depicted on the aforementioned page. Then I changed some of those connections, but the fbx file produced by Blender remains the same.

    Now I wonder: is it at all possible to generate the proper files and setting for the application of PBR materials with Blender only?
    Or do I need an add-on like those mentioned in another thread here about a year ago?

    I also found that materials do not have nicely continuous reflections, even though the mesh is really smooth(ed) and does not have multiple vertices or edges at the triangle boundaries.
    The result in Trainz is such that, especially on partly metallic surfaces, one clearly sees the triangles on some parts of the model. Really poor, no such problems with the old method, .im files with some % of skybox texture added.

    Thanks for any advice.


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    This is getting off topic so perhaps you should start another thread. You may need to adjust the roughness levels as well.

    Blender has a few PBR painting addons that Cayden and MSGSapper have addressed. You may want to consider the Ravage, BPainter and LayerPainter Blender addons. There are two processes: the creation of the PBR material in Blender and then the baking of those materials out to the file formats required by Trainz.


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