I have now completed production of the Columbia and Western RR video Part 4 Farron to Cascade in December 1901.


This video tracks CPR#71 Farron to Grand Forks Mixed Daily Freight as it switches mainline industries and stops at all Flagstops

Changes include new water tanks that reflect 1901. An avid CPR historian noted that Hexagonal closed water tanks were not prototypical for 1901, so using Heckman pictures , modified the Reno watertank and Old West watertank2 to fit 1901.

Also the snow sheds had added objects to put snow on the roof and represent snow sliding off the roof.

Comments are appreciated as I am trying to improve the route

Part 5 will be Cascade to Elholt Jct

part 1,2,and 3 links are searchable in youtube under "trainz c&wrr" or in this forum under "columbia and western"