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    Default Driver setup

    There I thought I knew how to use TRS 19.
    I build track, put a train on it, gave in driver setup some instructions. After saving the session I went to driver mode, everything worked perfectly as expected. Then I put some additional track in, added another train, after saving the session tried driving mode again. Disaster; nothing happened, the trains showed no instructions given. In the driver setup I found the situation as I left it. I renewed the database, I closed the game and restarted the computer. Now I found the driver setup empty and in the available commands many that I ticked were now deselected. It seems as if trs 19 is not intended for use by the over aged. Or is there something basic that I overlooked?

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    What has probably happened, when you added the extra track and train, you have overwritten your first working session (Default)

    So please make a clear difference between:
    A Route: here you lay track, place scenery etc.
    A Session: here you place your trains and add driver commands

    First make a Route, and save the route with a name you can remember Example: Cor1
    Then Create a Session while you have Cor1 selected
    Place your trains, add driver commands, then save the Session as Cor1-Session1

    To play, select [Route] Cor1, select [Session] Cor1-Session1

    hope this helps
    Greetings GM

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    That's a good point, GM. I have routes that have a dozen "Default" sessions. Best to clean them out and use names for the ones you are actually using.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pitkin View Post
    That's a good point, GM. I have routes that have a dozen "Default" sessions. Best to clean them out and use names for the ones you are actually using.
    I am constantly deleting "Default" sessions, getting better at not 'Saving Session' and only to Route. IMO Sessions are for when the Route is complete, then the fun begins.
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    G.M. If I understand correctly I should never place extra track enz. in the session, only in the route. That is different from would I used to do in Tane. Do I have to go to edit rout or is it OK the change in a session to route layer if I want to add anything? For how I have merged my session with route layer and started in edit route with a new session. Worked fine. Net als de vorige keer heeft je antwoord me goed geholpen.

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    If you open the edit route only, you will have a new blank session added by default. If you save the route and session with anything in the session layer you must open the select route and edit the session. This restores the route and session as it was when saved. This avoids all the default sessions being created. By opening the session for edit it prevents you from losing any work from your last saved work.

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