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    Hi all --- on Dec 24 2020 I purchased TRS19 Platinum Edition and Gold Class membership (monthly). As far as I know, I followed al the downlo0ad instructions correctly, including changing the stream to Platinum Edition, but when I started the game, it claimed to be Silver Edition. After fooling around with that for a few days, I uninstalled it completely, completely uninstalled TANE for good measure, and redownloaded the game. This time the download stream indicated Platinum edition from the start, but it installed Trainz PLUS!!! So now I have completely wiped that out, and am in the midst of my THIRD 10+ hour download (this time the stream defaulted to standard version, so I changed it to Platinum) and maybe by the time I get home tomorrow after work I'll finally have the game I paid for, after which I can try downloading the DLC I have paid for, which also has not been working very well. Can anybody give me a clue as to what the HELL is going on here???

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    It's a bit confusing however, it has been explained a few times in various posts.

    If you have Platinum and take out a plus or Gold subscription it will add and show show Plus on the launcher and the extra Plus Features will be added as and when they get released to Plus, you still have all your Platinum content and there was no need to have re-installed. It's the same installer for TRS19, TRS19 Regional, TRS19 Platinum, TRS19 Plus and TRS19 Gold Plus.

    All versions have the same build at present, differences are in what your permissions allow.
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    Or put another way;

    TRS19 Regional = specific regional content
    TRS19 "Standard" edition = everything above and all the regional content
    TRS19 Platinum = everything above and extra features and extra content
    Trainz Plus = everything above and more features and more content (e.g. Looe, UK)
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