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    Hello all.

    I still have some unanswered questions according to the new MPS system.

    Most particularly question is, will it be available to all versions of TRS 2019, or do N3V go cash grinding and only premium members can get access to MPS?

    Can it be made locally within network or will it be a clouded route only that will be the main workplace for MPS?

    The reason I ask, is because the idea of MPS is long wanted, but making it premium only will slowly start to kill Trainz as franchise.

    Hopefully I will get replies here, because other times my questions were kinda ignored.

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    Hi Kyholm
    Currently the MPS system is accessible only to Trainz Plus and Gold Membership subscribers.

    However, we haven't yet announced what may happen in the future, and we do have plans to expand the MPS system in future, and this may also include options to open it up to more people. We are still assessing the data requirements, and bandwidth requirements, for MPS routes. It is worth noting that this is still a first stage implementation, and there are still a few things that aren't yet implemented or completely finished that would otherwise be expected if it were a 'fully released' feature

    So as to ensure that all members are seeing the same thing, and it is only accessible to those who have access to the feature, it currently works through our servers and cannot be hosted through a LAN only. This also ensures the persistent nature of MPS, allowing anyone with access to the route to be able to access it at any time. We don't currently expect this aspect will change.

    Zec Murphy

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    N3V Games (Auran)

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