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Thread: TRS19 SP2 Multiplayer launch day experience

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    Default TRS19 SP2 Multiplayer launch day experience

    So we did a launch day test of SP2 in TRS19 today:
    plan was: load up TRS19 in steamplay (using Proton-5-21-GE-1), update it and see if it runs:
    That was how it went:
    steam fired up, TRS19 got updated to SP2, database repair and restarted the game. Kickstarter County 2 loaded up and Multiplayer session started.
    And we had up to 10 players. Session is up and running for about 8 hours and still ongoing Only 5 cars derailed in all that time, none resulted in a a ghost car.
    Seriously - this is how I missed Trainz multiplayer all the time since TANE SP1. Stable, reliable and hey - the host runs on linux! (my personal TANE Kickstarter stretch goal finally met)

    Really well done!

    We hope there will be more ongoing multiplayers soon, like alternate sessions for KSC2 and Eagle Country and many more routes! At leas that's what we have in mine. And most likely secret FCT raffles :P
    Looking forward more MP sessions soon!

    Thanks N3V!
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    Still getting massive desync after a while. Trains showing in totally different location, trains not decoupling and such. And with no save option in MP you do not have another chance then run the "server" 24/7. So sad, maybe inanother year we can finally play this game.

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    I remember trying to get multiplayer working in TANE SP2 or SP3 a few months ago, with the exact same issues. What we were told was the servers were being "worked on" for the great new multiplayer surveyor feature. Good to see that never went anywhere and the same issues are happening.

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