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    Alrighty, so for a start, I removed TRS 19 from my pc a month or so ago to free up space on my pc until i get more space (like an external hard drive but you get what I'm sayin), and the content folders are all still on my pc, eating up space on my D Drive. i plan to get TRS 19 back at some point, but I want to remove the content folders from my pc, but I don't want to loose my content in there, unless that content is only built in items and purchased items (which i know i can get back), so could someone please let me know if it's safe to remove these files?

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    Payware DLC you can redownload, DLS items you can download again, anything from a third party site or anything you have created yourself will be lost if you delete the data, safest is to back it up which probably means an external drive if you have as much data as most of us do.

    Payware DLC is in the Packages folder.
    Local folder contains your routes and assets you may have created and anything you have edited, anything that shows as locally modified.
    Original folder contains assets installed from the DLS.

    You may get some mileage by looking at the Backups folder and cache sub folders, contents of which can be deleted, which may solve your space problem and if you have never emptied them may hold several GB of data!

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    I don't see any reason why just copying the data folder to a backup or pocket drive wouldn't be OK. When you reinstall the app it will make a new data folder but just put your good one (from backup) on your new big disk/ssd and point the app to it. After you see it's working OK you can then delete the new user folder the app made on re-install. Hope that makes sense. I have moved and renamed data folders quite often. Just make sure app points to correct folder. I rename data folders to something "non-cryptic" like "trainz data" and in my case I have a second install with a data folder of "trainz data beta"
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