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    Hello everyone I am new to 2019. My question is can I merge my trs2012 into 2019. And by the way I have a bug I'm trying to fix in my trs2012. If I cab transfer will the bug some with it.

    Thanks So much
    Dennis Ewing

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    Yes, you should be able to import your TS2012 route & session .cdp's from TS2012 into TS2019. (Usually done by importing into Tane first, then into TS2019). If you have things like speedtree's in your TS2012, then they will not appear in TS2019. Some other content may need to be repaired or replaced in TS2019 if faulty.

    Depends what the bug is, or what's causing it. There's a reasonable possibility that the same bug will appear in the ROUTE in TS2019. More information about the bug is required!!!

    Someone might have already fixed that bug and be able to explain to you how to fix it. or the bug might have already been fixed in TS2019???

    Cheers, Mac...
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    Quote Originally Posted by VADER_225 View Post
    My question is can I merge my trs2012 into 2019.
    I am not sure what you mean by that.

    Do you mean "can you copy all the TS12 assets (built-in, DLS and third-party) into TRS19"? The answer is most probably no. Built-in assets cannot be transferred from one Trainz version to another, in any case many/most/all of the TS12 built-ins will/may already be built-in to TRS19. Assets from the DLS can be downloaded and installed into TRS19 but there may be a few TS12 assets that will not work in TRS19.

    Do you mean "can you transfer all the routes and sessions you have created in TS12 into TRS19"? The answer is more complex due to the different file formats used in these programs. I note that you have TANE on your timeline so presumably you still have TANE installed on your system. According to many in these forums, the best way to transfer older routes and sessions into TRS19 is to transfer them into TANE first and then from TANE into TRS19. Transfer is via exporting the routes/session as CDP files from the original version (e.g. TS12), importing the CDP files into TANE, then exporting them again as TANE CDP files and importing them into TRS19.
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    100% true on post #3. Here is my 5 cent advise: Whatever you import, do first all your assets. The built-in ones import from DLS (at least should be updated), and once you see in CM no faults and or missing dependencies, proceed to import the routes and sessions. If you import everything at the same time, most for sure, the faulty and missed dependencies will create problems and will be hard to repair. Not going into details here, but it is my experience.

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