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    Hi all, I believe that for a more ‘immersive’ modern UK experience, Trainz would need some more safety systems implemented. Particularly missing is TPWS. Some additional bells and whistles might include GSM-R and OTMR, and perhaps some others.

    I’m not script-saavy enough to do these, but they would be nice additions. The old AWS implementation is handled by its own script library - these days, is it better to handle safety systems within the loco’s script (bearing in mind the masses of legacy content that can’t be retrofitted), or through its own library?

    Anyone know the infrastructure models needed (grids, loops, etc.)?

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    In a sense, it seems to me, AI drivers operate as if a TPWS system is in place because it is impossible for them to violate the rules.

    The following is from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Train_...Warning_System

    The purpose of TPWS is to stop a train by automatically initiating a brake demand, where TPWS track equipment is fitted, if the train has:

    • passed a signal at danger without authority
    • approached a signal at danger too fast
    • approached a reduction in permissible speed too fast
    • approached buffer stops too fast.

    Unless you're talking about a TPS system to control human drivers, but I think it's part of the fun for a driver to drive correctly, as opposed to just passively watching an AI system control the driving.
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