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Thread: Game does not submit changes in content manager (game bug?)

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    Exclamation Game does not submit changes in content manager (game bug?)

    I want to know why content manager keeps refusing to submit a charge to whatever download content I have. Even if it's an audio change, I would have to crash trainz just because it doesn't do its job and it's been happening in tane as well. I do want to know if it's a bug or not because i think it has been getting old

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    Does it tell you why it's not happy? If so, quote what the error message is.
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    Works fine here.
    Obviously it depends on what you are attempting to submit changes to. Built in and DLC as opposed to DLS, cannot be edited and submitted due to the way textures are handled.
    Help us to help you!
    Trainz build/ version
    Asset KUID
    The all important error message
    That's probably all we need to solve your conundrum.

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