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Thread: TRS 2019 Trainz Plus 109313 Debug Helper message

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    Default TRS 2019 Trainz Plus 109313 Debug Helper message

    Hi there, have TRS 2019 Trainz Plus 109313. Purchased CRM routes "Beavermouth to Ottertail" and "Roger Pass" today. Not sure if this has anything to do with this "Trainz Debug Helper" message. Since I am not allow to post a image, I will list some of the codes. 201013.1145.52 SpecReference:perator->> accessing NULL spec.
    000000014023BD5C.....(9 more codes after this)

    00007FF9F5E7BD4: BaseThreadInitThunk
    00007FF9FB00CE51: RTIUserthreadStart

    I have also gotten the following message:
    00000001410.14 TrackStretch:ActivateSplineCurve> still loading
    0000000140430FE: OODLParser: Context: Context
    More codes here.

    These messages happen after selecting any route, then selecting a session and then "Drive".

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    109313 is a beta and it has assertions set to on. This will appear when you start up, just click ignore on that one.

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