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    Quote Originally Posted by capdiamont View Post
    You have missed my point entirely. Again you like to jump down the throat of anyone who simply try to enjoy what they have. This is not excusing flaws, just simply not needing to whine about the flaws in every forum and thread. Why can’t you get that point???? I have life to live, and acting bitter about the flaws does nothing good. It is simply a waste of everyone’s time to whine about the history of every flaw. List one time I posted anything glowing about Apple. The answer is you can’t, yet get this stupid idea I’m a fanboy. You don’t know jack about me and ignored what I have said. Over and over I have said I just wish to enjoy myself and I have been in tech in tech for decades.
    Hmmm, well actually you told a number of ex apple users to stop posting negatives about apple on the mac thread and came across as something of a zealot , this wasnt the only post on that thread where you told them to go away if they couldn't say anything positive.
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    This thread isn’t a contest. My faith has always been in their programmers. Why is it we can’t have a thread in the Mac forums without you Windows people taking pot shots?! If you cannot say something nice or on topic then stay out.

    Last edited by capdiamont; June 28th, 2020 at 01:19 AM. " not a fanboy ?
    Nobody is forcing you to comment here, why not just ignore my posts if they offend you ? , put me on your ignore list then you won't have to read my complaints.....I'm a long term apple user , does that mean that I don't have the right to moan about their stupid decisions ?
    if you aren't an apple fan, well you certainly don't come over as that, you defend apple despite their faults , I listed a number of them and you tore into me for doing so, why can't you acknowledge at least some of them ? The constant changes they make obsolete computers and wreck decisions made by individuals and businesses and there are many instances of loyal customers who feel utterly betrayed by them. Can you name me one other computer company who has changed processors three times ..... it was necessary the first time, but not now , intel is perfectly acceptable as a cpu .
    I've gone from power pc, to intel and now will have to consider transitioning to arm, they have obsoleted my $4000 ( in 2006 dollars ) g5, my $1500 copy of Final Cut Studio, masses of power pc software , adobe cs5 suite and now all my cheese grater Mac pros, am I supposed to be happy about that ? If I had purchased windows machines practically all of their equivalent items could still be used , no wonder I'm fed up with apple.

    it's strange that after all that I still prefer to use a Mac, but will I be doing so in 5 years into the future ? , I very much doubt it , not whilst they see computers as a side line and spend most of their time developing their iOS toys. Now , why don't you just put me on your ignore list and you can go on enjoying your life without having to put up with the unbearable burden of my criticising your fave company and I can wallow in my misery
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    WARNING! The Surgeon General has determined that the use of the simulator Trainz is highly addictive,

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