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Thread: Your Processor overheating ... a Idea I found

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    Default Your Processor overheating ... a Idea I found

    Something new I just found out was running a special train on Sebino lake probly spelt that wrong if so sorry

    Checked the temps on my computer they were 84 deg

    looked on the internet there were 2 thing but did not like the idea of the first its to download a app from Intel and undervolt the CPU to -100

    The 2nd was easy enough search for power plan in the advanced settings go to processor power management hit + and one said just alter the Maximum power state to 99% another said to reduce the Minimum as well to 99% the idea is not to let the processor run at full throttle all the time to help its life.

    Do have Predator sense set to auto cool boost On

    for Me
    reduced idle from 54 deg to 37 deg
    while doing the run above drop the temp 10 deg at 75 deg probly still a bit hot. need to replace my 2 fan cooling pad when things open up again as well

    Anyway something to think about atleast

    Acer Predator Helios 300 16gb ram, GTX1060 graphics on windows home 10
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    The CPU at 84? Adjusting voltages and slowing down the CPU shouldn't be necessary, and yes that's pretty high and the first things I would check would be the fans.

    Open the case and check that the fans and vents aren't clogged with dirt, meaning pet fur (if you have a pet), lint and dirt. Check that the fans aren't blocked up as well and clear those using compressed air. Make sure you put a pencil or some other stick into the fan before blasting the blades, otherwise, that will destroy the fan bushings or the motors. Clean the CPU fan(s) and the heat sink. You can sometimes unclip the fan from the heatsink and blast out the heat sink with compressed air and clean the fans as well.

    I recommend a rocket blaster or similar. You can get one from Amazon, or B&H Photo for about $20.00 and less. These are great because there's no waste and they're good for the environment.

    giottos rocket air blaster - Bing

    Run Trainz again and see what's going on.

    If you still see high heat, you may need to replace the thermal compound on the CPU.

    If can do this, also increase your fan speeds on your case and CPU. Speed Fan and other utilities allow that including those for your motherboard. MSI has the Command Center to do that, Asus has something similar, and so do other motherboard manufacturers.

    You may want to address your video card similarly by blowing the dirt out of the fans, and adjust the fan speeds. EVGA has their Precision-X utility, MSI has Afterburner, and ASUS and others have their own, depending upon the video card and the board manufacturer.

    In general, I would avoid replacing thermal compound on both the CPU and GPU as a last resort because sometimes removing the heatsinks can cause issues if they are held in place with sticky thermal pads. On some systems, I have seen ripped etches where people had removed the heatsink, but unfortunately the thermal pad ripped the surface of the circuit board and that ruined the PCB.

    By doing what I recommended above, I keep my CPU at around 54C and video card at 75C max even when running Sebino Lake. Yes you spelt it correctly! There is one thing worth mentioning here. I noticed that if I setup the cooling, by increasing my fan speeds on my motherboard and video card prior to starting TRS2019, I can keep the system cool right from the get go.

    Hope this helps.
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