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Thread: Schedule/Timetable

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    As they 10-4 man.... I agree fully with wasting valuable time troubleshooting. The proportion is too high versus using the product. The fact that hundreds of people worldwide invest their time "fixing" speaks to the high value of the product. If Tony continues on the path of features, and not basic repairs, the product value may wane and N3V will fade away. You can only sell glitz and glitter so long - ask politicians.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulsw2 View Post
    How about "it just works" as a principle here? Rules and commands are a brain ache and sessions are like a soul destroying maths class* which is why most people don't bother with them. If people aren't using the functionality in your game that means it basically doesn't 'work' and it needs to be changed. Except that we've had no change in this part of Trainz for the 15 years I've been playing the game - this whole area needs a complete overhaul. Ultimately, a train game should be about running trains, not just pretty screenshots, surely?


    EDIT: to be more precise - they're too fiddly, not user intuitive and all too often they don't work properly, so you spend your entire time dealing with errors rather than running any actual trains!
    Well said Paul, that matches my opinion.
    I love route building but as for sessions..far too time consuming and not very user friendly.
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    I agree too, Paul.

    I believe in KISS. Trainz has gotten to be too geeky over the years even for those that are technically inclined. I worked in IT and computers and now I'm overwhelmed at times perhaps too due to my lack of patience with that work required for something that could be quite simple.
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    I have to disagree with the theme of many of the above posts.

    I love designing sessions, more than I love creating routes. Yes, both are time consuming but both are very different. Session building is more "programming" than the "nuts and bolts" of route building. I am not a "geek" by any means (at least by my own assessment) but I really enjoy the logic problems that session building presents.

    The graphic icon based "language" of the session editor is limited but fairly easy to master. It is certainly a lot easier to master than a full programming language. The latter would/should provide greater flexibility for session designers but at the cost of becoming the preserve of an exclusive "programmers club". The Session Editor relies heavily on user created rules, just as surveyor relies heavily on user created assets.

    While I always welcome improvements, I would like to see concrete suggestions from the critics on how things could be "done better".

    My opinions.
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