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Thread: Chat while you build on Discord

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    Default Chat while you build on Discord

    Discord is a group chat platform that we recommend for anyone interested in collaborating using the Trainz Plus multiplayer surveyor feature.

    We have set up several channels to begin with so you can find a home to chat with your fellow world builders and train drivers.

    Chat Channels:
    Multiplayer Surveyor General Chat
    Click on the chevron to expand and collapse the list of MPS channels.
    We suggest you start out in general chat and use any of the other channels if things are too busy in the main chat channel.
    Voice chat obviously requires a speaker and mic - headset strongly recommended.

    Other Links:

    Discord Getting Started Guide

    Discord Installation Guide

    We suggest you use your MyTrainz username so people can recognize you in-game.

    N3V Games Official Discord Server
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