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Thread: Knapford Station?

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    Default Knapford Station?

    i am looking for a Knapford Station route for trainz, any help?
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    Bing, Yahoo, Duck-duck-go, and other search engines are your friend. You can also check the "white pages" Download Station http://dls.trainzportal.com/ by checking all versions and putting in the name.

    Also search the DLS within Content Manager.

    To be honest, I doubt very few people would know exactly what you're looking for and basically your search is way too specific and specialized and this is where these sources come in.

    The alternative is build the route yourself. If you want to do a real top-shelf type of job, invest in TransDEM, get the ordinance maps, (topographic maps), download the terrain, and have a go. You may also need to research specific things about the line, and perhaps make custom models as well. This is something that can take years to do at the level I'm sure you would expect.
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    It's a Thomas thing, suggest looking at the Thomas sites, not a lot on the DLS which tends to have more adult stuff.

    Some Thomas related links in this thread https://forums.auran.com/trainz/show...ily-for-Trainz no idea what as I grew out of Thomas 60 years ago.

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    Sodor Workshops

    Railway Works 3D


    Marvelous Mainland Works 3D

    These are the four main websites that carry TTTE content and at least one of them has a Knapford Station Route. People on the Trainz forums don't really deal in Thomas content and instead prefer to focus on the actual prototypes of locomotives. Each website has its own discord channel too so I would recommend asking there from now on.

    Hope it helps! Cheers!

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