Another bump:

This is the picture of Ngabean station (Yogyakarta) taken by myself in December 2014, although I was unable to took more picture of the whole station due to time limitations. But thankfully I was also able to took the rails of platform 1 of this station that still intact there:

Because this station was formerly part of 1435mm lines owned by Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij (NIS) extending from Yogyakarta station to Sewugalur and Pundong, the space for laying track is wider than those on 1067mm lines of the same company, or even those owned by Staatsspoorwegen (SS) and other companies. Unfortunately the section of Yogyakarta to Sewugalur line past the Palbapang station (along with the whole section between Ngabean and Pundong) was forcibly dismantled by Imperial Japanese Army between 1942 and 1943 as part of plan for building wartime railway line between Muaro station (West Sumatra province) and Pekanbaru station (Riau province), as well as the Burma Railway from Nong Pladuk station (Thailand) to Thanbyuzayat station (Myanmar), and the Bayah Line that branches off from Saketi station of Labuan Line in the current Banten province. In addition, the remaining section between Yogyakarta and Palbapang was also forcibly regauged to 1067mm for wartime operations (which ironically solved the break-of-gauge problem), allowing locomotives and rolling stocks of former SS and other private railway companies in the Java to running on the former 1435mm lines of NIS without using dual-gauge tracks.