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Thread: Clean up Derailed Trains

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    Default Clean up Derailed Trains

    i've been having a problem with these rules and wanted to know if you guys know any other solution to the derailleures other than back the save, I saw an addon called re-rail portal but I did not like it because when I lose one or two wagons it respaws whole to consist, while those other two rules I mentioned only respawn the lost wagons but they do not work in saved sessions properly, the Clean up Derailed Trains does not clean the consist if I load a session that has some consistency to be cleaned, and the "Missing Vehicles Rules" only works in sessions that I started from the beginning, if I play in some saved session it will not work, I do not know what I do and I do not know why this happens.

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    Of course you have that problem.

    My guess is you have the problem for over a year now and initially under a different account (while still living in Brazil?):
    Or shall we just cut the crap and flag this as a SPAM account?

    I am doing the second.
    And if I am wrong, you will have the original account to bump your old topic.

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