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    Good morning!!!!
    I kindly inform you that it is about 29 consecutive days that I try to repair your program masterpiece responding to ts 2019,e 2019 Platinum.this program also dissolves into thin air, as usual without any warning about what happens within the program. Forgive my outburst, but I really broke my boxes, to always go blind in the search for defective cdp.it took very little to put inside a series of messages that could intervene in the most serious cases. With the previous trainz at least until 2102, when there was a problem without crashing, you could not understand anything from the report that did.but at least ai had an indication of the problem. Instead with these new, at some point ... pufff... and return the deskop or launcher if the program was launched from there. And what about the thousands of textures to cover in tga. And then ultimately the issue of invalid kuids. I understand that you want to protect your work, for goodness sake, we would miss it, but because of some idiots who crack the programs in their own way, it seems unfair to me that then the expenses are made by honest users like me. Now I have many of these flies that are inserted in the maps causing me a lot of problems, so why not protect your programs, inserting inetrno a file that recognizes these files on the fly, not making them download? It lacks the ccp, before when you found the cdp with the PM mesch was modified with the ccp, I am not able to modify these files with the explorer, you have to be careful with spaces and staples, if you are wrong you ruin everything. I do not argue about the graphics, but on the functionality. there should be notifications that when something happens you get a message about what happened and how to solve it. The messages are there, but for example I do not care about the chat, or the screen automatically, etc., I consider them useless. Now as I say again it's been a lot of days that I'm trying to repair the program, but there is nothing to do. I thought about reinstalling it, but this is not even discussed .. the reason? Simple.To reinstall the contents I have to take them again from 2012 and so I fill myself with errors again.I tried to import them from 2019 normal that I repaired at 80 x 100, but you can't.Why don't you read the TZarch.Lifa files inside, but you don't read them if you are importing them.With 2009,2010 2 2012 you were importing the archives.With this exemplary program there is nothing to do. I am really angry about all this and I think that in the future...I will adjust myself accordingly...in concusion, couldn't you make a program like the old trainz.leaving the features that were there, improving it maybe with a bit of technical messaging, and paying a bit more for it? With this I am done.Good day.Best regards.Fulvio.
    PS: Now even the 2019 normal 105096 is also broken.

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    Crashes to the desktop are usually caused by faulty and or obsolete content, among other things.

    I recommend you try the following:

    Run a database repair:
    Click on Launcher.
    Click on Developer menu item
    Click on Repair database.

    This process can take sometime depending upon how much content you have.

    Once complete, check for out of date assets and update them.
    Delete any obsolete and not built-in assets.

    Updating may solve a big part of your problem. There was a recent issue with the Enhanced Interlocking Tower scripts causing a CTD. This has been updated to resolve that issue.

    If you continue to have problems after performing these steps, please post and we'll work through your problem with you.
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