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Thread: App crash in driver mode

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    Default App crash in driver mode

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a very strange problem with my 2019. For some routes (that were made under tane and there are flawless ones), only the quikdrive works, I can't even load the default session because it throws it back in the menu (in terms of error 2 ground texture is faulty only ..). If, on the other hand, the quikdrive starts, it will go for a while for the driver, but all of a sudden it will throw the game into windows without any warning. Stream build number 105175 for the game. Has anyone ever experienced this? Is there a log file that at least describes what's wrong? Otherwise -25: 577 is one of the faulty assets. Revert to original does not work on it.

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    This is usually a sign of something that's become corrupted. A single crash can do that only to be made worse by subsequent crashes over and over as it digs the hole deeper.

    At the Launcher, click on Developer on the top of the menu bar.
    Click on Rebuild Database.

    Let it run. It may take a few minutes or longer depending upon how much content you have installed.
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