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    Question Searchlight Signal Additions

    Although the Jointed Searchlight Signals have some 20ft signals (08's, 06's) where the heads are either to the left or to the right on the pole, I was wondering if JR plans to make some 20ft 05's, 04's and some 20ft 06's (1 head on the left and 1 head on the right). I have seen these on some CP lines. JR made 15ft signals with such designs, but not in 20ft options. I have also seen some 20ft single head Searchlight Signals where the head was either on the left or the right of the pole.

    Is JR planning on doing this?

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    So I take that as a no then?
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    They do have some 20 ft Type 04's

    <kuid2:506034:5047841:1> JR SL(04) 1-H-SS center 20ft
    <kuid2:506034:501001:1> JR SL(04) 1-H center 20ft
    <kuid2:506034:501671:1> JR SL(04) 1-H-doll center 20ft
    <kuid2:506034:507341:1> JR SL(04) 1-H-SS-solar center 20ft

    and some 20 ft Type 05's

    <kuid2:506034:501781:1> JR SL(05)+head 1-H center 20ft
    <kuid2:506034:501597:1> JR SL(05) 1-H center 20ft
    <kuid2:506034:501782:1> JR SL(05)+head no mast 20ft
    <kuid2:506034:501598:1> JR SL(05) 1-H-L center 20ft
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