Can't find any other threads about this elsewhere on these forums, so I'll post this here. I see from the latest newsletter that N3V are developing 'New Generation Content' starting with a new class 47. 'Excellent' I thought, speaking as someone who would very much like to buy new UK content for the British Rail period and bearing in mind that UK trainzers are having to rely on models some of which are almost 20 years old. But hang on! Upon closer inspection I see that this class 47 is actually,
"some of the West Coast Railways Class 47 locos..."
This choice for 'Next Generation Content' is, shall we say, somewhat niche. There are only 14 that have ever been in this livery, they've only been running since 2003 and they only run on charter trains. In other words, they are of absolutely no interest to anyone running UK routes between 1963 (when class 47 was introduced) and the end of the 1990s and anyone who wants to run a freight train or a standard passenger train. Now of course I apologise immediately if N3V's intentions for their 'New Generation Content' encompass this locomotive in diverse liveries (in which case I do hope you'll remove the headlight from the front nose so that those of us who model the 1960s and 70s can run them.)

However, I do fear that this latest development is in line with N3V's earlier, and similarly niche, decision to offer us a payware class 14 loco. No matter that these locos only ran on one region (Western) and only for a few years before being despatched to the scrapyard or local industrial siding. Even worse, there was already a perfectly serviceable class 14 available, free, on the Download Station!

So, my question for N3V - who does your market research? What consultation have you done with UK trainzers about what models they would like to buy? (And can I repeat - I really would like to pay for some new models!)

Otherwise, perhaps I could recommend the MetroVic Class 28 Co-Bo for your next 'New Generation Content' - there were only 20, they only ran for 10 years before being scrapped and there's a free one available on the Download Station. So it clearly ticks all the boxes!

Meanwhile, if there are any talented content makers out there who are willing to create - very much needed - new models of either class 20, 24, 25, 31 or 47 please contact me because (did I mention this?) I AM WILLING TO PAY!