Can't find anywhere else to ask this so apologies for stepping on toes since Helpdesk is inaccessible.

Trying to cancel a free one month Trainz Plus but system does not show any "Cancel Membership" options. Just "Error retreiving Membership account please refresh, if that fails please contact the helpdesk". So try contacting Helpdesk but that does not recognise name/password despite these allowing me to log on to portal and also here.

Anyway cancelled recurring PayPal payment so no money will be taken by N3V.

I tried Trainz 2019 but it is not for me. Was tempted by the Platinum edition but realise that the additional content does not add enough for me.

Pity that the trial cannot end easily - if I was a cynic I would suspect this was deliberate. Let's see if N3V get back to me on this - either way, goodbye.