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Thread: 1st Trainz 19 download & newbie needs help!

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    Question 1st Trainz 19 download & newbie needs help!

    My 1st download says it is missing assets?
    Being new I have no idea what to do?

    A GP38-2 KCS Gray

    <kuid2:45324:54002:8> Locomotive sound effects library v1.3
    <kuid:186817:100066> Blomberg B type bogey (silver)
    <kuid2:101046:102178:2> Generic horn-sound 13
    <kuid2:104722:2501039:1> Arn library, v2.51
    <kuid2:507316:1855:2> br EMD 16-645E3 diesel engine sounds (TS12)
    <kuid2:45324:555246:1> Jointed Rail Train Effects library v1.41
    <kuid:578474:100230> Interior for GP38-2 KCS Gray
    <kuid:9000:51040> T3P GP38-2 TRS v1.0
    <kuid2:45324:555201:2> Jointed Rail Settings library v 0.5

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    The only asset missing is kuid:219472:1824 and is an error. Open the assets config file for edit and change the kuids to <kuid:186817:100066> Blomberg B type bogey (silver). This file did download with the asset but was not referenced in the config.
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    Here's a bit more clarification on repairing the locomotive.

    This is done in Content Manager:

    Right-click on the faulty asset.
    Choose Open... Edit Config.txt file.

    This will open the config.txt file in Notepad by default, or to any other text-only editor you have set to default such as NotePad++.

    Search for <kuid:219472:1824> and replace that with <kuid:186817:100066> by using the Search and Replace function.
    Save and close Notepad (or any other editor used).

    Right-click again on the asset.
    Choose Submit.

    That can take a short amount of time depending upon the size of the file.
    If there are no errors, you are good to go.

    The reason for using the Search and Replace function is the asset
    <kuid:219472:1824> is referenced twice in the config.txt. The first is the reference for the string-table, and the other is in the kuid-table for the actual part to work. If only one or the other is replaced, then the asset will remain faulty. By using the search and replace, you can get the incorrect asset in one fell swoop instead of searching for it in the config.txt.

    Hope this helps.

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