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Thread: Using ASB to control passage through a lock

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    Default Using ASB to control passage through a lock

    I am trying to control the passage of vessels passing through a canal lock. I started with just a crossing with ASB triggers and controller. All worked as expected. I then added a lock and tested that a vessel would pass through succesfully in either direction, restarting after each passage. I then setup a case where both vessels arrived at the lock at about the same time. One was blocked while the other passed through. The problem is that after the first vessel passed through the exit trigger,the signal controlling the other vessel remained a red still under the control of ASB. I set 4 ASB triggers, one on each of the approaches and exits of the lock. The approach triggers were 30m before the ASB controlled signals. Inside the area covered by the ASB triggers were numerous signals to control the vessel's passage through the lock none of which were ASB controlled. It made no difference which vessel got there first, it was always the second which failed to be unblocked. The logs showed that the exit triggers did respond. Both ASB assets are the latest
    Is my problem a bug, a limitation of ASB or incorrect setup.

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    The problem with locks is, there is no through path because the bottom level breaks the connection to reach the top level and create a new connection. I used ATLS to control the locks with ATLS tram stopper, trigger and controller. The tram stopper acts as a signal and is set up for two routes so some delay will occur on one side or the other. Unlike normal set up I reversed it. Tram stopper then trigger, the trigger is set to a 5m radius just after the stopper. The controller is set up for two routes, route 1 red - green and route 2 green - red plus both spl set at red.
    PM me your email if you would like help with how I did it. I have a route that uses all of vulcans locks and wheel all run by AI.

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