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    Hello, I just stumbled across Trainz 12 and Trainz 12 new era on Steam, both appear to be pretty cheap (during sales, at least). Trainz 12 appears to have great content. Trainz New Era appears to be better all round. Is Trainz 12 any good? Is the free content available of any quality? And is it actually free or do I need to pay to download it (as I read somewhere)? Thank you.

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    Hi and Welcome to TRAINZ!! As far as I know, it is not free. Trainz 12 is now two versions back, with the current version being TS2019, and T:ANE (Trainz, A New Era) between the two. That being said, there are still a lot of people running Trainz 12 and there is a lot of content out there. You might try it to see how you like it and once you get into Trainz, you may wish to move up to newer versions. There is plenty of support here in the forums for Trainz 12.
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    Hello Yvette,

    Trainz TS12 is still a good product, however, it's quite old now. If you can I recommend looking at the latest, even skipping T:ANE, and go directly to TRS2019 which is the current product. The naysayers will say don't bother, but since you are new at this, go for the current version so let me explain because you are not attempting at fixing an existing route and hobbling something already being worked on, and are starting right from square one.

    TRS2019 is based on the T:ANE code and has many features which did not exist in T:ANE. In some ways it's what T:ANE was supposed to be, but never quite got there due to the newness of the technology used in that product, time constraints on marketing, etc. There are many improvements internally making TRS2019 more responsive with better graphics even while using the same settings as those found in T:ANE.

    Now this of course comes with the given that you will need a decent PC to run this. If you could, please do post here your machine specs and we can help you to ensure you don't purchase TRS2019 and not have it perform well.

    Now regarding the free content. The quality is going to vary due to the age of the offerings with some content being better made than others. As far as quantity, there's well over 560K assets available for download from the Download Station in addition to the nearly 9,000 assets available built-in, meaning included with the program all ready for use on your own creations. This doesn't include content available from a countless number third-party websites, or partners such as RR-Mods and Jointed Rail.

    This answer only scratches the surface. As a longtime Trainz users, someone who has used the product since December 2003, I will say that this is a very addicting program that will use up many, many hours in your day as you explore, build, and create a world all within the confines of your PC.

    Hope this helps.
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    T:ANE is currently available at $4.99 USD from the Trainz Store which is a great saving unfortunately as other have written is very easy to get hooked. Peter


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    Yes, the Steam version of TS12 is nice and often on sale so it is a good intro to the world of Trainz. I have it and recommend it highly if you still have Windows 7. I'm not sure Steam will install it on Win 10. The game includes 8 nice routes and each route has many sessions to run. Plenty there to keep you busy for a long time.

    As a owner, you are entitled to download more content from the Download Station run by N3V. Access is free but the download speeds are restricted as is the amount of data transfer per day unless you buy a premium download pass called a first class ticket. This is available directly from the N3V store. The quality of the free content varies greatly. Some is of extremely high quality and some of it is a complete waste of time to download. The DLC available through Steam is high quality and is often on sale.

    If you have Win 10, you should get Trainz: A New Era. It is often on sale too for as low as $10 USD. It has much more DLC available through Steam. The Standard Edition comes with 4 routes and the Platinum Edition adds 4 more routes and more sessions for the standard edition routes.

    Steam installs TS12 completely from the Steam client. TANE and TRS19 install both from Steam's servers and from N3V servers so you need to activate the included 2 day First Class Ticket on the N3V website to avoid it taking days to complete the install from N3V servers.


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    Question seems to be a 100% copy of a question posted elsewhere 2 years ago.
    Post even includes the commonly used (yet unneeded) text make-up tags (more proof of copy-paste) and obviously the account was made today, no registered versions, and only one post.

    In other words:
    My guess is this is yet another spam bot that copy-pastes a question and returns a few hours or days later to edit it and add in spam links.

    Going to lock this.
    Happy to be proven wrong. The initial poster is more then welcome to send me a PM to prove me wrong and I will consider re-opening this topic.
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