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Thread: Impact of Performance on Pbrmetaldetail

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    Default Impact of Performance on Pbrmetaldetail

    What is the impact on performance if pbrmetaldetail is used? It does create a nice effect for most objects but if it's used as every material on the asset I could see some issues about performance arise. Another thing I'm curious about is if there would be an impact in performance if every pbrmetaldetail material in an asset used the same detail-albedo and detail-normal.

    Another thing to comment on for Blender users is there is no way to connect a detail-albedo and detail-normal node to the Principled BSDF material and get the exporter to recognize the detail textures. Since it does not recognize them, it is required to manually set up the material with the metadata file every time. Understandably this needs to be done anyway to set up the detail-scale, but it adds extra work for Blender users compared to 3ds max users. If you take one of the sample FBX assets from the wiki with pbrmetalmasked you'll find it doesn't map the detail anywhere onto the Principled BSDF material once imported into Blender.
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