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    Default Blawnox Locomotive Works...

    Leadfoot866 has/had (he's been gone for two years, previously 5 years before) a website called Blawnox Locomotive Works. Blawnox had AWVR Locomotives from the 2010 movie Unstoppable. I loved that movie. He kind of deleted the downloads for all of them though, and left them in a broken and unrepairable state. This of course was long before I knew about config.txts and kuid numbers.

    Many, (and I mean many) years ago, I downloaded it, and had no use for them (trust me, I was super young and was kind of new to this whole Trainz thing). About a year ago, I found them in a real old folder in the back of my computer. I exported them to T:ANE and had to replace almost every dependency for almost all the locomotives. This took me around 2 days or so. Anyway, away from the personal stuff. Does anybody know about the mysterious disappearance of Leadfoot866?
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    Trainzers come, Trainzers go. It's like any other hobby which gets in the way of more important commitments such as college, work, family, and all of the above.
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    I know this thread is a couple of months old, but if I figured I'd chime in here rather than make a new one.

    My "disappearance" was mainly the result of real-world commitments taking up most of my spare time, as JCitron suggested. I drifted in and out of this hobby during this time as a result. The current pandemic hasn't done me any favors, either (I work at a hospital, I can't stay home).

    I'm trying to get back into Trainz, especially since I finally got around to rebuilding my PC. Whether or not I'll revive the Blawnox Locomotive Works site and get back into content making has yet to be seen.

    As for the AWVR locos, they're in limbo as far as I know. Before my departure, I gave ownership of that content to n8phu (The Erecting Hall). Whether or not he plans to release them, I have no clue. If he has no plans of uploading them to his site, I might reupload them to mine. I actually did get around to fixing them with dependencies available on the DLS or at other sites the other day. That being said, a number of the locos (the unreleased "part 2") were old RRMods models, which I don't know what the release policy for those are (never really got a response from joram24 and he's been quiet for a few years now as well, hasn't he?).

    We'll see what the future holds.

    By the way, hi

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    Evening Sir,

    Thank you for the update and your service in the Hospitable System, it is not an easy time for anyone these days, I pray you stay safe from Covid-19...!

    Life is life, such as it is sometimes, with that respect in the sense, you do your best under what must be very adverse situation........

    Take care,

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