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    Leadfoot866 has/had (he's been gone for two years, previously 5 years before) a website called Blawnox Locomotive Works. Blawnox had AWVR Locomotives from the 2010 movie Unstoppable. I loved that movie. He kind of deleted the downloads for all of them though, and left them in a broken and unrepairable state. This of course was long before I knew about config.txts and kuid numbers.

    Many, (and I mean many) years ago, I downloaded it, and had no use for them (trust me, I was super young and was kind of new to this whole Trainz thing). About a year ago, I found them in a real old folder in the back of my computer. I exported them to T:ANE and had to replace almost every dependency for almost all the locomotives. This took me around 2 days or so. Anyway, away from the personal stuff. Does anybody know about the mysterious disappearance of Leadfoot866?
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