I was looking around on the page of Ocemy Industries who did a lot of great content for Trainz. http://www.ocemy.com

On the homepage I see a message from 2019 that he woud be off-line for a short time but seemingly he did not return. Did anyone know what happened to this site or content creator?

I wanted to contact him about if there could be some modern Chinese payware trains in his usual quality. And also it would be great if his Southern China route was updated.

And the second reason for contacting him would be that I have a problem with two unknown items in my route which I cannot remove. They originate in the Ocemy Containter pack which was included in Trainz 12. I probably used one or two items in my route without knowing they where payware items and now in Trainz 2019 they show up as unknowns. But I know from tracing back the Kuids they are the 20 and 40 ft container from that pack.