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Thread: CROR Signals

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    Just read all the Banter about these special Signals.

    And what did you know, back about 5 yrs or so , when I was in TS-12 Trainz, a nub, who really was straining to learn how this fantastic Rail Simulator worked, I recall now, having a Route, with these in it, and I couldn't understand there usage, or how to set them up to run. So I dismissed them as too technical for my use.

    Surprise, that I run into this thread, and this time, I downloaded the files, installed them, and they seem to look and work OK. So I plan on reading up on the settings and give it a go.........

    It made my day, thank you for excellent back information and links........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seane2c View Post
    Not sure if I have those or not. I have another bunch of packages. The thing is with the CROR this was the first time I found a signal that wouldn't work with the others. So as long as it can recognise the others than they should be able to mingle. But the ones I were using I can't mix with them.


    The download is here https://web.archive.org/web/20081204...20%28R2%29.zip

    And here are some CN/CP signage https://web.archive.org/web/20081204...ckREFC-TTI.zip

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    wasnt there some B&O signals too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rwwaterz View Post
    wasnt there some B&O signals too.
    Yes, he had CSX, BNSF, B&O and more. But I don't have them. Check my thread on the signals.

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