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Thread: Kickstarter County Cab Control Issues

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    Default Kickstarter County Cab Control Issues

    With the purchase of TRS 2019 came the original Kickstarter County route and with it a few scenarios. When trying to play said scenarios using realistic mode controls, the engine or train in question remains completely stationary. As soon as I switch to DCC controls, the engine or train moves without any problem.

    I've only encountered this problem with this route and its scenarios so I'm not sure if it's something I'm missing or if it's a known issue with the TRS 2019 version of the route and scenarios.

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    The tutorial for realistic controls is known to have a break release problem in both T:ANE SP3-4 and 2019. I think the answer was to hold the "D" key to drain the brake pressure while applying power. Once it starts moving then it is OK. I think I got the right letter, but you can check earlier threads in this forum or in the T:ANE SP4 forum.
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